An Aruba Adventure

Oh goodness me! Where do I even start! I'll start with this...if you don't go on vacations/adventures/trips as often as you can, then oh boy are you missing out! Ever since Jordan and I got married, life has been an amazing adventure and we have loved exploring new and wonderful places together. This July we had the pleasure of going on a one week stay to Aruba with two other couples. Talk about AMAZING! Vacationing with your friends is super stellar and something I could definitely get used to. This was one trip that I will never forget! Especially since I brought along 4 cameras. :) Thank you Aruba, for being amazing. And thank you to our friends Michael and Margaret for inviting us along...LOVE YOU GUYS!! And I compiled a little video of some of the favorite moments from the trip so you'll see that first below. Dang...can we go back?

Holy crap my man is hot...

Best day of the week was spent on the Jolly Pirate! 3 snorkeling spots, free food and drinks, and a rope swing. Heck yes!

Every day of the week we spent two hours at the same bar. Needless to say we made friends with the waiters and ordered the same thing every day. could I resist taking portraits of my friends on the beautiful beach? I didn't of course

Michael and Margaret get the reward for the most creative poses :)

Thanks Kendra for taking some pictures of us after never touching a DSLR before! You rock!