Javier + Susan // Engaged

Heyo!! That's right....I'm blogging again. I'm a blogging machine these days! It feels really good to get back into the game. I have so many amazing clients this year that are also so patient with me as I navigate this whole motherhood thing. Emails...what are those things? Even though my brain is mushy, I have very wonderful clients who totally understand and give me grace. Which is a beautiful beautiful thing. I firmly believe that in order to tell other people's stories, that I need to be living my own story out to the fullest. So I am constantly so thankful that I have a job and amazing clients that allow me to do just that. Speaking of amazing...JAVIER AND SUSAN. Ugh...seriously, I wish I could frolic around in the woods with them every day. Seriously, I have never met any two people that are as nice and loving and as genuine as they are. This was the first time I met them and I left the session feeling sad that my friends were leaving. We got caught up in talking about birthing babies and all the amazingness that is in general...they are obviously my kind of people :) Can you two come over every day and make me feel all the feelings like we did this night? I love you both and can't wait for your wedding next year!  

Justin and Kathryn // Engaged

Hello! Blogging again, which means it is obviously picking up over here at The Druber studio. (Which of course is the couch or our dining room table. #realtalk) Regardless, I'm loving getting back out there in the sunshine after a long time hibernating with our new little one. She is seriously the best for moral over here. Some days are hard but being her mother is the coolest and most amazing thing I've ever done. I'm the luckiest! 

You know what else is cool? These two. Seriously...my favorite part of photographing weddings is that is always introduces me to more and more amazing couples. Then I get to shoot weddings with my past couples there...and couples I'll be photographing the next year! It's like we have a secret love club together...that sounds bad, but you know what I mean! Justin and Kathryn are like old friends that you have inside jokes with already, people you get beers and burgers with, friends...really great caring people who I get to call friends. Shooting their engagement session didn't feel like work. It felt like a real walk with real friends through the trees at sunset. Seriously you guys...I am the luckiest. Their wedding this summer will be nothing short of magical.