Emily and Jim // At Home

Yes I's been a minute since I've blogged here. And by a minute...I mean months! Woops! There is a good reason for that and it's called happened. I'm in month 18 of motherhood and with that has come so many life altering changes that I didn't necessarily expect and one of the things that has changed the most is my photography business. 

It is no secret that i've slowed down my work load substantially and I don't regret that one bit. I LOVE owning my own business. I LOVE photography. But you know what I love the most right here right now...I LOVE BEING A MOM. If I've learned anything so far in my 29 years of life, it's that you must you must you must pay attention to your heart and what sets it on fire. Right now that's being a mama to my sweet Elodie and I am soaking it up as much as possible. It's sad to be doing less client work here but I feel like I do way better work for the clients I do have which is the most important thing in the end. All that to say...THANK YOU for following my journey and continuing to do so even when I'm radio silent. I am still a photographer and I'm going to keep making art but on my terms and within the realms I can handle. 

WHOA! Sorry so personal. On to Emily and Jim! THESE SESSIONS! These sessions light my creative fire. I love doing in home sessions. They are so personal. There is something so magical about making photographs in such an intimate space. You all should do it...and call me because I will never grow tired of photographing these kind of sessions! 


Emily and Jim are also super rad photographers so you should check out their work here! 

Kaitlyn and Joe // Maternity Session at Home

Hey! Look at me, blogging again!! Wahoo! It's hard to keep some of the faces I've been photographing lately from you. My oh my do I have beautiful people on my computer screen right now. 

The photography world has introduced me to some amazing people. Not only do amazing wedding couples come my way, but I've made so many lasting friendships with photographers as well. Some photographers think that you can't mingle with the competition, but I think that is sooooooooo sad! What is better than being in a community of artists who support each other, inspire each other, and have so many things in common? I don't think there is anything better. That's why Kaitlyn (a super rad photographer in Indy) has been a wonderful dear friend on social media for a long time. She believes that a community of photographers loving photographers in a genuine way is also rad...and that why I love her so! So when the stars aligned for me to photograph this amazing time for her and her husband and their baby girl on the way.... I WAS ALL IN. Capturing them was heavenly and inspiring and wonderful. And you may know this already...but I think capturing your story in your most intimate spaces is one of the coolest things ever. And that's what we did this day...