Katie and Brian // Engaged

Whoa...you guys. It's been a few months, I know!! BUT, I can't even begin to describe how amazing the last few months have been. Jordan and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Elodie Diane Swartzendruber, into the world on December 22 and our lives have been forever changed. I've always been a sappy story teller which is why this job as a photographer/storyteller has always been amazingly perfect for me...but now that I have gone through this amazing transition into motherhood, I think I will be a HOT MESS at every wedding and big event from now on. I didn't think I could get any more sentimental about life, but boy oh boy...becoming a mother has changed me in ways I never thought possible. My heart is literally beating outside my chest at all times now, I love being Elodie's mother so much. Mmmmmmkaay, I need to stop before I start weeping AGAIN! 

Now for the reason I am blogging in the first place...Katie and Brian. These people are my kind of people. Wonderful, caring, honest, a joy to be around...and not to mention A-FREAKING-DORABLE! This session was the perfect way to get back into the swing of things. The weather was amazing and these two are amazing and I'm just so happy to be out frolicking in the sun with couples again. Life is good folks! 

Chantal and Paul // Engaged

Well friends, the last few weeks have been rather strange for the Druber house. Currently the sun is shining and my soul is feeling uplifted and eager to be outside. I think I might actually go willingly pick some weeds outside today! WHAT! But even though my soul is feeling uplifted today because of this beautiful weather, it doesn't mean that my soul has been that way recently. I lost a dear Aunt to Cancer a week ago and my heart aches with every gust of wind against my face and every melody almost brings me to tears. Heavy hearts over here at the Druber house....but along with the hole I have in my heart, I have a new found motivation for loving those around me. With this feeling of loss, I feel completely out of control with my feelings for my husband, family, and friends and I want to squeeze them all so hard 24 hours a day. I hope I never lose that feeling. 

Sorry for all the sadness, BUT there are a lot of things about the next month that I am looking forward to! First off, me and my better half will be taking off on a HUGE road trip in a few weeks out west! Oh do I long for the open road. It will be just what my soul needs at this time and I can't wait. If you are interested in booking a session in your town, email me! Let's make some magic together!  I am also looking forward to capturing more people like Chantal and Paul. People that get me excited about life, love, and laughing with your best friends. This session was so dang fun and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard after it was all over. Chantal and Paul are the real deal. And here are their real and authentic images...