Intimate Couples Session // Destany and Mitch

Hey friends! It has been a while since I've blogged....well with good reason...there is just no time! I'm in the thick of wedding season and preparing for a baby on the way and running another little side business...phew! You could say life is crazy over here. And about a month ago amongst all the crazy, I WAS IN A RUT. A serious creative rut with no hopes of escaping. Being an artist is a full time job, it's all you're thinking about all the time. I was at the mercy of a grueling wedding schedule, emails, house chores, baby shopping. Not much was inspiring me. So I took it upon myself to change that. And boy, am I glad I did. 

Destany and Mitch are some really special people to us. Our paths crossed over a year ago through the photography world and we've loved them dearly ever since. It's not too often that you meet people that feel like they've been your friend-soul-mates for years already. That's what it is like with these two. Even though we have over an hour separating us, we always make the sweetest memories together and laugh our butts off for hours. So photographing them for this project was a no brainer. It was easy for them to be themselves and it was easy for me to capture their love in a real and emotional way. It was seriously the best day...with the best people ever...

This is their love.